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Lil' Antz Philosophy


At Lil’Antz we believe that children in our care have the right to feel safe and secure at all times.

We believe that all children regardless of race, culture, gender, ability or disability are entitled to the same opportunities to develop and play during their early years, in a homely environment.

Children will be encouraged to make choices, take responsibility, and build Independence. Children will be given opportunities to have input into the planning and programming stages of the program.

     Child Care Subsidy System

Both Long Day Care & Outside School Hours Care services are approved for Child Care Subsidy.

Families who are eligible can apply through Centerlink.


For more information on what your family may be able to claim click our 'Centerlink Rate Estimator'

Lil' Antz abides by the National Law & National Regulations as set out by ACECQA. If you are a current family or family interested in viewing these please click on the relevant links below.
Link to the National Regulations
Link to the National Law
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